Plumbing & Public Health Systems

Plumbing design is an often-overlooked component of the overall functionality of a building, but it plays a vital role in the efficiency, sustainability, and even the safety of your facility. A qualified plumbing engineer is able to design plumbing systems that take the whole building into consideration.

Since plumbing design often integrates with other building systems, a plumbing engineer is able to provide valuable insight in the early planning stages of your project.

We offer you extreme high-quality plumbing design and drafting services. We are one of the most renowned companies in this sector and have been dominating the market for more than a decade now. We prepare simple documents which help you decipher our solutions better. However, we make sure that there has not been no lost of information while making documents simpler.

Plumbing plays a very critical role in maintaining health and safety demanded by the designs. It is more or less a link between the building or structure and the people living or associated with it.

Our team of professional MEP engineers provides services for the following markets and client types:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Multifamily Residential Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotel and Hospitality Facilities

Plumbing Design

Reckon Consulting Engineers is proficient in the design of potable water, gray water, storm and waste water systems. Our piping and plumbing designs promote water and energy conservation while ensuring each system includes safe waste transfer and venting.

Water Supply Design

We incorporate many environmentally friendly, water-saving techniques into our projects including low-flow or no-flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting and collection, and condensate water collection. Additionally, Reckon Consulting Engineers design solar water heating systems that harness the energy of the sun to heat water. These cost-effective, user-friendly green systems can be incorporated into most new projects and retrofits.

Waste System Design

Waste removal systems are integral for the safety and health of your building and its occupants. As sustainable buildings feature more low-flow fixtures, the design of waste systems has become even more critical to ensure adequate sizing of piping and, in some case cases, the correct collection of gray water for water conservation.

Plumbing Design and Drafting Services Include:

Our plumbing professionals are highly skilled in the innovative design, specification and inspection of plumbing systems of varied size and complexity. Our Plumbing Engineering Services include: Our plumbing professionals are highly skilled in the innovative design, specification and inspection of plumbing systems of varied size and complexity. Our Plumbing Engineering Services include:

We have expert plumbing drafters and detailers who have years of experience of working on several assignments showing their amazing skills and knowledge in all respective project assignments.

Our skilled workforce set new benchmarks by delivering sustainable solutions and gainful project assignments, thus reducing lots of cost at the client.

  • Potable and Non-Potable Water
  • Solar Water Heating and Rainwater
  • Water Treatment
  • Cross Connection Control
  • Pure Water and Process Water
  • Sanitary and Clear Water Drain and Vent
  • Storm, Foundation and Roof
  • Chemical and Acid Waste Drain and Vent
  • Natural Gas
  • Medical, Laboratory and Specialty

It is worthy enough to be mentioned that we are not only restricted to above Plumbing design services. All kind of customized problems are welcomed whole heartedly by our experts as it let them prove their skill and expertise. The innovative approach towards a problem is one of our biggest strengths.

Benefits with us:

  • One-stop solution. While we take new projects, we also offer repairing services
  • Use of advanced technology and software
  • Committed and proficient team
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • High quality and prcised documentations
  • Timely delivery of products
  • Get quotes faster

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