Project with Direct Fired Absorption Chiller/Heaters
Pearl Continental Hotel 900 TR Operational
New NTC Headquarters, Islamabad 572 TR Operational
Ramada International Hotel, Islamabad 600 TR Commissioning
Kashmir Council Secretariat, Islamabad 300 TR Commissioning
Pakistan Int Education System, Ibd 630 TR Commissioning
Kalsoom International Hospital 360 TR Operational
Projects with Water Cooled Chiller
Beacon house Headquarters Lahore 320 TR Operational
National Monuments Isb (Supervised only) 200 TR Operational
PTCL Headquarters, Isb (Supervised only) 320 TR Operational
Jan’s Arcade Sadder Peshawar 120 TR Operational
Jan’s Arcade Gulbahar Peshawar 90 TR Operational
Shangrilla Restaurant & Banquet Multan 200 TR Operational
City University Peshawar 540 TR Operational
Technical Building FFC, Mir Pur Mathelo 90 TR Tender Stage
projects with Air Cooled Chillers, Package Units & Mini Split acs
BSL-3 Lab Uni of Agriculture Faisalabad 30 TR Tender Stage
Waseela Bank, Mobilink Islamabad 40 TR Installation
PMD Office, Blue Area, Islamabad 40 TR Operational
Auras hatchery, Faisal Abad 45 TR Installation
Mobilink Day care, Islamabad 26 TR Installation
FWO 2 & 3 beds apartment, Islamabad 56 TR Tender Stage
AJK Presidency, Muzzafarabad 350 TR Design Submitted
FAO, Islamabad 50TR Installation
University Of Education, Lahore 250 TR Design Submitted
Gun and Country Club,Islamabad 225 TR Design Submitted
Palestine Embassy 210 TR Design Submitted
SWAT International Hospital 150 TR Design Submitted
WAH General Hospital 120 TR Tender Stage
Royal Mall & Residency 300 TR Tender Stage
Multan Marquee 200 TR Design Submitted
PAF Club, Islamabad 600 TR Tender Stage
Elite Club, Gujrat 500 TR Tender Stage
CMH, OT’s Rawalpindi 1000 TR Design Submitted
Projects with Central Heating Systems
Boys Hostel GIK Topi (Supervised only) Operational
IFO Building NARC Islamabad Operational
Hostel # 5 IIU Islamabad Operational
DHQ Hospital Battagram Operational
BHU Banna, Battagram Operational
SNational Center for Physics Islamabad Operational
Kashmir Council, Apartments, Islamabad Commissioning
projects with water cooled packaged
Khattak Mall, Rawalpindi 600 TR Tender Stage
Millennium Mall, Quetta 500 TR Design Stage
Rafay Mall Rawalpindi 2500 TR Installation
High Court, Bannu 600 TR Tender Stage
Kohistan Tower Sadar 400 TR Installation
Fortune One Tower 500 TR Tender Stage
Projects with Reports & reviews
Central Library IIU, Islamabad Peer Review 250 TR Peer Review
NTC Regional Office Lahore 350 TR Tender Scrutiny
PTCL Headquarters Islamabad 400 TR Inspection Report
projects with Air Cooled Package Units & Mini Split ac’s
Mobilink Roshan Center Islamabad 110 TR Operational
Mobilink Beverley Center Islamabad 130 TR Operational
National Center for Physics QAU Islamabad 500 TR Operational
DHQ Hospital Battagram 200 TR Operational
NARC FAO, United Nations, Islamabad 30 TR Operational
NTC Old headquarters Islamabad 84 TR Operational
The OAKS British School Islamabad 55 TR Operational
The British Council Islamabad 46 TR Operational
Schlumberger Sukkur 95 TR Operational
PNRA School, Islamabad 200 TR Tender Stage
Mobilink Office IBC-III, Islamabad 275 TR Operational
Studio Apartment (Onyx), Islamabad 170 TR Tender Stage
Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad 65 TR Tender Stage
PAFSOM Arena, Islamabad 420 TR Tender Stage
Projects with fire fighting system
Zarkon Heights Installation
Kohistan Tower Sadar Installation
Roots School, Islamabad Installation
Kalsoom International Hospital Islamabad Operational
Rafay Mall Rawalpindi Installation
Ramada International Hotel, Islamabad Commissioning
Khattak Mall, Rawalpindi Tender Stage
AJK Presidency, Muzzafarabad Design Submitted
King Abdullah Teaching hospital Mansehra Design Submitted
Mobilink IBC-III Operational
Palestine Embassy Design Submitted
SWAT International Hospital Design Submitted
PAFSOM Arena, Islamabad Design Submitted
projects with Multi Split Air conditioning system
CMH Rawalpindi 250 TR Installation
Nadir Plaza Rawalpindi   Design Submitted
The SIALKOT MALL   Design Submitted
Beacon house Regional Office Islamabad 200 TR Operational
Country Apartment BaraKahu Islamabad 1300 TR Installation
Food and Agricultural Organization, Isb 50 TR Installation
Mari Gas, Islamabad 150 TR Installation
World Bank, Islamabad 40 TR Installation
Orakzai Green tower Peshawar 300 TR Installation
Auras hatchery, Faisal Abad 45 TR Installation
New City Arcade, Wah 950 TR Installation
Projects with public health engineering
Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad Commissioned
Rafay Mall, Peashawar Road, Rawalpind Installation
Roots School, Islamabad. I-II Tendering
Kalssom International Hospital Islamabad Commissioned
Girls Hostel, Agriculture Uni FaisalAbad Tender Stage
Mobilink IBC-III Installation
Waseela Bank, F-8 Islamabad Installation
Zarkon Heights, Peshawar Road Islamabad Installation
Safari Enclave, Rawalpindi Installation
Silver Oaks, Upper Basement, Islamabad Installation
NPT Plaza Markaz F-8, Islamabad Commissioned
ANB Center Markaz F-7, Islamabad Commissioned
250 Bed Children Hospital, Peshawar Design Stage
UCH Power, 300 Men Camp, Dera Murad Jamali Installation
ER Center UCH Power, Dera Murad Jamali Installation
Sabir Shaheed Stadium, Rawalakot Tendering
Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar Tendering
UCH Power II Expansion Tendering
NetherLands Embassy Design Submitted
Projects with public health engineering
Ramada Hotel, Islamabad Installation
Khattak Mall, Rawalpindi Tender Stage
King Abdullah Teaching Hospital, Peshawer Installation
Tehsil Hospital, Dhir Kot Bagh Azad Kashmir Installation
University of Hazara Dhodial, Mensehra Design Submitted
Q.J Residence, Bahria Town, Islamabad Design Submitted
AJK Presidency Muzzafarabad Design Submitted
UNOPS Design Submitted
University Of Education, Lahore Design Submitted
Commercial Complex, Faisalabad Design Submitted
F-7 Plaza, Islamabad Design Submitted
SWAT International Hospital Design Submitted
Zarkon Heights, Islamabad Design Submitted
Safari Enclave, Rawalpindi Design Submitted
Kohistan heights, Afghanistan Design Submitted
Gun & Country Club, Islamabad Design Submitted
Palestine Embassy, Islamabad Installation
Roots School , Islamabad Commissioned
PAFSOM Arena, Islamabad Design Submitted